Traffic Safety and Control Services

At Alamo City Public Safety, we understand that ensuring the safety of site workers and the traveling public for one construction project or event is never the same as another. When you work with us, you trust us to provide a safe environment that not only minimizes the risk of accidents but also ensures the safety of your work crew and the general public in San Antonio and Bexar

 You can be sure we will always remain compliant with the American Traffic Safety Service. And we always take extra measures to remain compliant with all city and local agencies, as well as the MUTCD because our goal is to ensure the safety of both your work crew and the traveling public.

Certified Traffic Flaggers

Whether you have an upcoming construction project or a special event, we will make sure certified flaggers, flagger instructors, and traffic control supervisors are on site. We always make sure to stay within the guidelines of the American Traffic Safety Service Association (ATSSA), Texas Facilities Commission, and other state and local agencies, to ensure the safety of both your work crew and the traveling public in San Antonio and Bexar Country.

Event Road Closure Safety

No matter how big or small your upcoming event is, we understand the importance of setting up road closures to ensure the safety of the crew, event attendees, and the traveling public. Whatever you need barricades, lights, or signs, we will have them to ensure safe passage for both drivers and pedestrians going to or from your event.

Whatever type of safety equipment you need to ensure everyone’s safety, we will work with you and local agencies to ensure your event goes well. Not only will we provide the right equipment but we will also provide ATTSA certified flaggers to you, as off-duty officers to mediate the event.

Officer Intersection Detours

Whether on a routine traffic stop or working at a special event, police officers and first responders put their lives at risk every day. We will work with you, city planners and other necessary agencies to map out the best closures and detours to ensure their safety and the safety of the traveling public.

By mapping out and setting up officer intersection detours, we will ensure the safety of both your work crew and the general public. Our goal is to reroute traffic with the right barriers, signage, and other safety equipment to make sure the job is done in the safest possible manner and to ensure everyone is inconvenienced as little as possible.

TXDOT Traffic Control

When it comes to setting up any type of lane closure, working with TXDOT is always necessary, but it does not need to be a hassle. Our professionally trained staff will work with them and any necessary agencies to map out the correct traffic control plans, to ensure the safety of the crew on your worksite and the traveling public.


Jack Nortan

We hired ACPS for our downtown event to setup barricades. Their attention to safety was crucial.

Dan Lopez

Doing business with ACPS is always exceptional can count on their traffic control skills.

Kelly Patterson

Our business was doing some renovation that we needed help with traffic closure during the construction. We had no complaints during the project.