Traffic Permits and Consulting

When it comes to preparing for a special event or setting up a work zone for a construction project, it is necessary to work with local agencies to obtain the right permits. We will either consult with you or mediate on your behalf to make sure you obtain the permits you need from the necessary agencies in San Antonio and Bexar Country.

Short/Long Term Lane Closure

Whether you require short/long-term lane closures for a construction project or a special event, we will work with you and all local agencies to ensure you obtain the necessary permits. That means we will either offer consulting services to you or mediate on your behalf to work with all necessary agencies to map out the necessary lane closures and/or detours.
At Alamo City Public Safety, we understand the importance of ensuring public safety and the safety of your work crew. That is why we will listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have to ensure we provide you with the right sign installation, road barriers, professional flaggers, and a well-trained crew, as well as we will make sure to take all necessary and even some unnecessary safety measures.

Police Escort To The Job Site

Whether you need to hire an “extra-duty” officer to provide police escorts for large trucks or other construction vehicles to your job site or to control traffic around a worksite, we work with local law enforcement. We will make sure well-trained police officers offer that extra level of safety to both your work crew and the traveling public.
Not only will we make sure those “extra-duty” are available to you, but we will also make sure to obtain any necessary permits required by TxDOT. We want you to know that when you work with us, we will work to make sure all of the details are taken care of so you can focus on completing your project on time.


Jack Nortan

We hired ACPS for our downtown event to setup barricades. Their attention to safety was crucial.

Dan Lopez

Doing business with ACPS is always exceptional can count on their traffic control skills.

Kelly Patterson

Our business was doing some renovation that we needed help with traffic closure during the construction. We had no complaints during the project.